Working to achieve environmental and social welfare that enhances your business


We believe that quality and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. A high-quality product is one that is good for your business, the environment, and society

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Journey towards a Healthy Environment


We work to ensure that your brand has the smallest possible impact on the environment

Our 2030 environmental goals


  • Reduce in 30% the water consumption (liter/garment)
  • Reuse 20% of the effluents in the production process
  • 100% of the energy from the grid will be renewable
  • Reduce in 10% the energy consumption (MWh/garment)
  • Carbon neutral company
  • 15% of our inputs will be organic, recycled, or biodegradable



  • Measurement of the carbon footprint on a yearly basis
  • Measurement of the water footprint on a yearly basis
  • Higg FEM module audited on a yearly basis
  • Energy meters and flow meters installed in the plant




Sustainable certifications achieved during 2022


Tons of CO2eq. offset for the 2020 operations (scope 1 and 2)


Consecutive years with Higg Index FEM for our environmental impact assessment

Journey towards Social Welfare


We work to provide a better life for the people and the communities around us

Our 2030 social goals

  • Zero tolerance to discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other reason in our operations.
  • Zero child labor in our operations and in our strategic suppliers
  • 1 established project in favor of the education
  • Become a certified Great Place to Work
  • Achieve the highest level in WRAP certification and Higg Index FSLM



  • Self-assessments and third-party social audits of our operations
  • Identify workers' needs and solve them through the co-creation of initiatives
  • Continue using Higg FSLM as part of the social assessment methodology
  • Establish alliances with NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders in order to develop and implement social initiatives.




Consecutive successful years with the WRAP certification


Blankets and backpacks made out of scraps donated between our workers and community


Bicycles donated to our workers for exercising

Sustainability Management Report 2022

Innovation Everywhere


We solve challenges with an innovative mindset


Waste Management


In our manufacturing process, the biggest amount of waste is textile scraps. thanks to funding from the Peruvian government, we are currently reviewing different options to reduce and recycle those scraps. The idea is clear: the waste of one industry is the input of another.


Improvement of our Water Footprint

cp-industrial water stn-min


Water is a scarce resource. In our operations, the most important use of water is in laundry and worker's consumption (bathroom and kitchen). Thanks to funding from the Peruvian government, this challenge is being analyzed for improving our water footprint and effluent management.