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Higg Index: 2022 FEM verified

At CMT del Sur, our environmental commitment is part of our values and DNA. Since

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Higg Index: FSLM verified

At CMT del Sur, our commitment to social and labor best practices runs deep. Since

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WRAP Platinum Certification

We are excited to communicate that our facility has been awarded a WRAP Platinum certificate.

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GOTS and GRS Certifications 2023

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully renewed our GOTS and GRS Certifications

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Quality Testing Laboratory

At Southern textile Network, we renewed our state-of-the-art laboratory for the execution of a wide

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circular fashion textile manufacturing

What does circular economy mean in fashion?

The business model that the fashion industry is currently using is known as the linear

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sustainability manufacturing fashion

How to reduce your carbon footprint without increasing the price of your collection?

One of the main questions when discussing sustainability in the apparel manufacturing industry is how

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Policy on the use of 3TG conflict minerals

At STN we respect social and labor matters since they are part of our company

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why is textile industry becoming more sustainable

How is the textile industry becoming more sustainable?

The consequences of global warming and climate change have shown that actions need to be

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