Quality Testing Laboratory

At Southern textile Network, we renewed our state-of-the-art laboratory for the execution of a wide range of textile tests required by the most demanding apparel brands in the world.

Our technical staff is trained in the interpretation and rigorous execution of the most updated versions of the tests that we perform, covering critical quality assurance needs throughout product development and production processes.

We are able to perform the most  relevant  based on 4 critical  dimensions of our Quality Assurance System:

Physical Durability: where we measure the degrees of pilling, abrasion, resistance, and snagging on BOTH garment and fabric form.

Shape Retention: where we observe and evaluate the reaction of fabrics and garments to different processes in order to obtain results on twist, shrinkage, and after wash.appearance

Color accuracy and fastness to various agents: this is a critical part of the testing process to certify and confirm the performance of garments exposed to different light conditions and other environmental agents.

Functional attributes: tests like UV protection, wicking, and fabric stretch and recovery are also perfectly performed in our laboratory.

At Southern Textile Network we believe in excellence in customer service.

See our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkTJ3Ew7774

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