Four reasons why Peru is the best sourcing option for manufacturing your collection?

peru textile sourcing experience

There is no question that COVID-19 has changed the rules of the game. It made It clear that choosing the right sourcing option is key for the success of fashion businesses, in order to get your products right on time and with the expected quality. 

There are strong reasons why choosing Peru has proved advantageous for fashion brands.

 Julio Velarde, founder of Southern Textile Network, highlights that “Peru has a privileged position to outsource to the United States. Besides complying with the high-quality standards, on time production, competitive prices, and several free trade agreements, the country has made significant sustainability improvements. This adds a differentiated value to our clients as we support their sustainability efforts at competitive prices”, 

Here are four main reasons why Peru is the most qualified option for an outsourcing destination:  

Number 1: You can produce your WHOLE collection

Peru is a traditional apparel hub for knitted products and its quality apparel manufacturing is recognized throughout the world. Top apparel suppliers in Peru will take care of your whole supply chain, from design to your door, as they have access to high-quality raw materials, highly skilled and experienced manufacturers, and long experience serving the North American markets.

According to the Lima Chamber of Commerce, the 2021 Peruvian textiles and apparel exports recovered the levels of 2019, reaching 351 million dollars in the first trimester of 2021. The United States was the leading destination, as it represents a share of +50% of all the exports showing the strong trust that American brands have on apparel suppliers in Peru. 

Moreover, there is plenty of space to continue growing as Peru has an important installed capacity to produce a wide range of knitted products and fibers.

Number 2: You can produce your collection ON TIME

Nearshoring is becoming the answer to obtaining the products both faster, and with reduced supply risks. COVID-19 caused many interruptions to the supply chains highlighting the benefits of relying on apparel suppliers near your distribution points instead of outsourcing to faraway factories. The strategic location of Peruvian ports in the Pacific Ocean, permanent marine shipping availability along with air cargo facilities assures that you will get shorter and more reliable lead times.

Peru has established itself as an excellent nearshoring option for American brands. Sourcing from Peru involves fewer time zone differences. Forget about time constraints, hassles, or quality issues.

Number 3: You can produce your collection WITH MORE COMPETITIVE PRICES

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why American fashion players are looking at Peru as the best option for outsourcing. 

The country has a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. In fact, Peru has more than 25 free trade agreements with the most important economies around the world. This condition allows the Peruvian factories to produce and sell duty-free garments which result in more cost-effectiveness for the brands. 

Number 4: You can produce your collection BETTER

One of the biggest challenges for fashion brands is related to quality. How can you get your apparel sourcing with the highest quality standards? Peruvian manufacturers of clothing have a renowned reputation for exporting high-quality apparel and textile products. One of the main reasons relies on the workforce and the superior raw materials used in the production, such as Pima cotton. 

But that’s not all. Peru is not only offering superior quality, but also a better way to do it. The country has already made important advancements in sustainability, creating a collaborative platform for vendors to obtain sustainability certifications and to develop actions that help them reduce the environmental impact of their processes.

Choosing the right partner

At Southern Textile Network we offer our clients a value proposition based on quality, flexibility, and sustainability. We are a dynamic company in continuous adaptation to provide the results you need for a successful collection. We count on a reliable network of partners devoted to fulfilling your specification and getting your orders right on time. 

We have a deep sustainability-based approach in a “2030 sustainability plan”, which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. We measure our carbon and water footprints and offset the carbon footprint. We yearly assess our environmental Impact with the Higg Index tools and we have third-party verified recognition to manufacture certified garments under global standards such as WRAP,  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), U.S Cotton Trust Protocol, and Cotton Leads. 

Whether you are looking to produce premium polo shirts, premium golf apparel, premium Pima cotton tee shirts, performance polo shirts, high-end polo shirts, or cotton apparel, Peru will offer you a solid production platform. At Southern Textile Network we will be delighted to be your manufacturer for clothes.

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